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Here you will find our answers to frequently asked questions when upgrading to RagTime 7.

Column/row selection highlighting in spreadsheets (improved selection)

When selecting a cell, column and row heads are automatically highlighted, in order to easily identify the row and column of the current selection. In addition, the support of column/row headers in rotated spreadsheets was enhanced.

Create PDFs with Acrobat Distiller

Acrobat DC Distiller macOS and Windows is completely supported by RagTime. Likewise, custom Distiller settings are supported.

FileTime X and FileMaker 12

Mit FileMaker 12 hat es im Programm eine Änderung gegeben, die unter Umständen eine kleine Anpassung der verwendeten Datenbank und der RagTime-Formulare nötig macht. Weitere Einzelheiten hat unser RagTime-Experte Jürgen Schell auf unserer Expertenseite zusammengetragen.

RagTime and Addresses in OS X 10.8

RagTime 6.5.2 crashes under Mac OS X 10.8, if the access to addresses from the address book is denied. The issue can be solved in the System Preferences.

Quark XPress 9
Some of our customers encountered QuarkXPress 9 crashes during the XPress startup on Macs where RagTime and Quark are installed. We investigated the problem and found that this is a failure of XPress 9 and needs to be addressed by Quark. We reported the problem to Quark Germany with the problem ID: Quark XPress-Problem; Rk (#2880-231982150-5642). Refer to the support at Quark with this reference number, if you encount this issue. We will update this information as soon as we receive newer information.

Protection of Documents

Question: I selected several cells in a spreadsheet and chose the command „Extras - Protection - Cell Protected" Nothing happens, all cells can be edited still.

Quick Change for Default Line and Color Properties on Pages

Example: You need several frames with a red background on a page. The easiest way:

Creating PDF files for free

RagTime documents can be exported to PDF. By default, Adobe Distiiler is utilized both on Windows and Mac OS X. Distiller is the best choice for the printing industry, but comes with an additional price tag. However, there are cost-free alternatives, if the PDF is to be used on the monitor, in the web, or to be printed on a desktop printer only. Mac OS X has its own built-in PostScript to PDF converter. And for Windows GhostScript distributed with the GNU General Public License can be used. The later is no part of RagTime, but has to be installed separately.

First steps with RagTime

First time you start RagTime, you'll be asked to have a look at the "First Steps in RagTime" document. This document shows you how to work with frames, spreadsheet and layout. However, if you are a real RagTime pro, you'll note this is a really tricky SlideTime document. Try to hack it!




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