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The new RagTime 7 – the best RagTime ever!
RagTime 7 is available for Mac and is fully compatible with macOS 13 “Ventura”, as well as previous operating systems. RagTime 7 received major improvements in terms of performance, stability and compatibility with various operating systems, which is most important in the daily use by RagTime users. » more

New RagTime version 6.6.4 released
Major technical changes to the code base to adapt the latest C++ standards and compilers, and updated JPEG, PDF, and PNG imaging support. » more

New RagTime version 6.6.3 released
macOS 10.13 (“High Sierra”) support, a new printing system for Mac users, and other improvements for Mac and Windows. » more

New RagTime version 6.6.2 released
Introduces RagTime document previews in Windows Explorer, and Mac Finder (“Quick Look”). Many refinements throughout improve the user experience. » more

FileMaker Pro 15 is supported by RagTime FileMaker connectivity
FileTime X combines FileMaker database content within a RagTime page layout environment for forms, mail merges, spreadsheet use. FileTime X database connectivity for RagTime 6.6 supports all major FileMaker versions including 12/13/14/15. » more

RagTime 6.6.1 released!
RagTime 6.6.1 is the latest generation of this unique professional business publishing software. It combines powerful word processing, spreadsheets, page layout, and versatile charts into a single layout application. » more

New RagTime FileMaker connectivity supports FileMaker Pro 14
FileTime X combines FileMaker database content within a RagTime page layout environment for forms, mail merges, spreadsheet use. FileTime X database connectivity for RagTime 6.6 supports all major FileMaker versions including 12/13/14. » more

The new RagTime 6.6 – the best RagTime ever!
Supporting the latest Apple and Microsoft operating systems and utilizing new developer tools, RagTime professional business publishing software has been thoroughly improved in speed and stability and introduces new capabilities. It adds Spotlight and Windows Search on 64-bit systems, supports Retina high-resolution displays, and PDF creation with newer Acrobat versions. RagTime 6.6 is available for Mac and Windows. » more

RagTime 6.5.2 released - improved stability and additional features
Full Mac OS X 10.6 compatibility, improved stability of database queries, PDF exports with current Ghostscript for Windows, Mac AppleScript support for transparency – these are important features of RagTime 6.5.2. » more

RagTime 6.5 compatible with Mac OS X Snow Leopard
Free RagTime 6.5 Update for full Mac OS X 10.6 compatibility released. Starting today RagTime 6.5 Upgrades and RagTime 6.5 Extensions will cost 16.5% less. The special offer for Mac OS X Snow Leopard users ends September 25th, 2009 » more

07/23/2009 Sales intros new French distributor – customers save 16,5% on RagTime 6.5
Starting today RagTime 6.5 full versions and upgrades cost 16,5% less. The special offer is available worldwide and will end August, 14th, 2009. Acquiring RagTime 6.5 will be easier for all prospects and customers. » more

07/06/2009 extends international sales – Infographix new distributor for France extends international sales – Infographix new distributor for FranceInfographix SARL established as new RagTime distributor for France. Sales GmbH invests into this newly founded sales company. The team of DTP and IT industry experts is determined to increase the customer base in a promising market. A multi-channel marketing approach based on long time sales expertise will establish RagTime 6.5 as standard application between DTP and office software. » more

RagTime 6.5 released releases RagTime 6.5 for Mac and Windows today. Final improvements in details like optimized overprinting and support for spot colors make the final version even more usable. » more

Second preview of RagTime 6.5 with new functions and improved details offers second preview version of RagTime 6.5. New features include Spotlight full-text-search, enhanced AppleScript compatibility for Mac as well as optimized Windows PDF export and improved OLE support. » more

RagTime 6.5 – extended new purchase and upgrade offers offers special low priced upgrade of RagTime 6 licenses to version 6.5, a 15% discount for upgrades to, and new purchases of, RagTime 6 as well as a free upgrade for all RagTime FileTime X users to the new RagTime FileTime X-UB. All offers end 26.01.2009. » more



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