RagTime – Benefits for the Office

Less training effort by integrated working environment

RagTime integrates word processing, spreadsheet calculations, and graphics and drawings creation in a seamless working environment. Hence it is no longer necessary to have a good knowledge of several programs in different versions. In addition, RagTime offers full drag & drop support, which allows working intuitively with different contents within RagTime, and easily exchange data with other applications. An approx. 300-page training manual, which gives many detailed examples, is a good introduction for beginners on how to work productively with RagTime.


Fast implementation thanks to ready-made example documents

RagTime comes with many ready-made documents, such as mail merges, reports, brochures, price lists, receipts, calendars, and labels. More templates for business correspondence, application forms that comply with the DIN standard, business cards, annual planners, expense accounts, banking forms, etc. are provided for free in the RagTime forum by committed users.


Precise printouts thanks to exactly positioned frames

RagTime supports real WYSIWYG (“What you see is what you get”). The printout always matches the screen view. Another advantage is that frames for text, graphics, spreadsheets, and other content can be placed accurately to the millimeter. Their position remains unchanged regardless of font type, character set size, and font style. Hence, the layout is preserved, even if a document is edited on different computers.


Work efficiently by flexible Integration of different content types

Text, figures, sums, graphics, drawings, pictures – RagTime integrates these different content types in a single “living” document. Each component can be updated, edited and completed directly in the layout page. Alternatively, single components can be optimized in a separate window, with suitable tools.




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Generate documents effortlessly on Mac or Windwos PC, print, save as PDF or export into HTML – with RagTime output for different needs in perfect quality is just a click away.

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