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Office Control Organisationsgesellschaft mbH
Doernkamp 41
48683 Ahaus

Tel: +49 25 61-9 86 06

… because it is the front-end application for the entire company staff. The unique combination of text, tables, and pictures, graphics, and database connection functionality – all in one page layout – meets all requirements of everyday business tasks. RagTime forms reflect the demands of Corporate Design and comply with the DIN standard, and they access centrally stored data. RagTime is the tool to use for business reports, price lists and evaluations with automatic connectivity to IT business systems. Using RagTime we meet all organizational and controlling-related demands of the company … guaranteed!

Karin Sölch
Waldsassenerstr. 15

81549 München

Tel: +49 89-95 41 78 10

… because it supports any layout desired in an intuitive and self-explaining way and is therefore wonderfully suited, even for non-professionals.

Verwaltungsgesellschaft Südliche Altmark
Letzlinger Landstr. 6

39638 Gardelegen


… because it allows developing layouts that contain text and graphics which do not interfere with each other. The arrangement of the frame-oriented contents on the layout page is easy to do. What I like most is the possibility to place the single items on the layout page to the millimeter. And this accuracy is reflected by the print output.

State Office for Data Processing and Statistics


Hans Lohmann, who has worked for LDS since 1989, holds the position of a press officer and has been responsible for public relations since 1989. He has witnessed the technical development in the last few years and is one of the co-deciders when it comes to finding and deploying the best suited soft and hardware for Information and publishing more …


beo GmbH
Christian Köhler
Rödingsmarkt 14

20459 Hamburg

Tel: +49 40-37 33 33

… because RagTime is still the only true office application. Only the tight integration of tables, text, formulas and page layout creates the balance between automation and manual editing, which is indispensable for accurate office templates.

Herbert Margraf
Im Wiesenring 4a

63150 Heusenstamm

Tel: +49 61 04-28 46

… because the application allows me, in a stunningly easy way, to create a publication from pictures and text.

Slawinski & Co. GmbH                                                                                                               
Industriestr. 11

57076 Siegen

Tel: +49 271-7 00 40

… because we have been appreciating RagTime's flexibility and quality since 15 years. Our office documents gain enormously, compared to any other office solution, in respect of design and functionality!


Bestattungen Lieser

Paulinstr. 146

54292 Trier

Tel: +49 06 51-14 11 09


… because we as a funeral home depend day after day on a reliable tool that allows us to create perfect obituary notices. Thanks to RagTime, we succeed in doing this at the highest professional level.



Inh. L. Hoffmann

Moosrain 46

83734 Hausham



… because it is so easy to use and self-explaining. Creating layouts has never been easier and is fun to do! 

Märkische Spezialitätenbrennerei
Klaus Wurm
In der Asmecke 12
58091 Hagen
Tel: +49 170-5260945

… because the usage is easy and straightforward. Many little helpers which relieve my workload, so I can focus on the implemention of my ideas.


Ev. Kirchengemeinde Bergfelde-Schönfließ
Werner Rohrer, Pfarrer
Schönfließer Str. 12   
16562 Bergfelde
Tel: +49 3303-297030


… because the the single components are interlocked with each other to an optimum.
I've already convinced many others of these benefits. In my opinion, the principle of using containers is very helpful for layout-oriented working processes.






RagTime.de Development GmbH

Steinriede 3
30827 Garbsen


Tel.: +49 5131 70 93 6-0


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