New Features in RagTime 6: Better Organization

Keeping track of your documents – the RagTime 6 Foyer
You deserve a special welcome. The RagTime 6 Foyer provides you with everything you need to get started effectively. Besides the options already known from RagTime 5, the RagTime 6 Foyer provides in addition an overview of recently opened documents, a list of your frequently used documents as well as forms and your currently important project folders. For a better overview, a preview of all RagTime documents is displayed in the Foyer. The Foyer can be customized to a large extent to your personal requirements.


Keep order in the inventory

The inventory is the document! That is, in a nutshell, the function of the RagTime inventory. You will find all style sheets, layouts, tables, images and other components of which your RagTime document is comprised. The new RagTime 6 inventory gives you a much better overview, especially for your larger documents. In addition to improved and clearer symbols, the inventory is capable of grouping related components in folders, such as graphs and spreadsheets that hold the corresponding data. The sort order can also be reversed or the entire inventory be sorted for component types (first all text components, then all images, etc.). Of course, new components can be created directly within the inventory window.


All important tools in one palette – the “Formatting” palette

Eighty percent of all tasks are done with twenty percent of the tools. According to this rule, also known as the Pareto principle, we equipped the formatting palette. It contains the most frequently used tools for the daily work with RagTime 6. These include functions, which in version 5 were not so obvious at first sight but facilitate the work with RagTime enormously: This single palette allows you to include text as well as fill and line settings, and create and apply style sheets. The palette's user interface is rapidly adapted to your current needs when working in the the document .





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Inventory and Foyer

Individual content, formats, fonts, and colors are listed well arranged in the Inventory. Frequently used documents and form can be accessed easily from within the Foyer.

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