New Features in RagTime 6: More Export Options

Create PDF documents with Windows and Mac OS X

In addition to the approved seamless integration of Adobe Acrobat Distiller, RagTime can create PDF documents on Windows by use of the free Ghostscript tool. Just as simple as you have created your RagTime documents with Adobe Distiller yet, you can now use Ghostscript. Users of RagTime for Mac OS X can benefit from the PDF routines that are integrated in the operating system in the same comfortable way.


Note for Windows: Ghostscript which is under  GNU public licence is not shipped with RagTime but can be downloaded in its latest 32-bit version from the link stated above.


Convert RagTime documents to HTML

RagTime  can also export even complex documents to pure HTML. You will not need to decide beforehand whether to create a document for print or Web purposes. Of course, the HTML exporter does not eliminate your Web editor but makes all information and layouts of your RagTime  document available on the Internet: text, tables, images as well as all other style elements. Even text flow around objects or complex table constructions causes no problem for the RagTime  HTML export.


Best print quality for EPS and PDF pictures on all printers
If you print a document that includes placed EPS or PDF files on a non-PostScript printer, then until now, only the insufficient preview data was sent to the printer. RagTime can calculate sophisticated print data from EPS or PDF files and so allow for print output of higher quality – even on non-PostScript devices, e.g. on most inkjet printers. On Windows, this function requires a 32-bit Ghostscript installation.



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