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Full OS X 10.10 compatibility

RagTime 6.6 supports OS X from 10.6 on. It offers better performance and includes many code optimizations and modernizations, making a speedier and even more stable RagTime version. In addition, modern Apple developer tools were used. All known RagTime issues occurring under Yosemite were fixed.

Yosemite and RagTime 6.5.2

RagTime 6.5.2 is compatible with Apple OS X 10.10 Yosemite. We know about one minor issue, which relates to the Apple printer driver. RagTime will crash during the set-up of an individual page size for a document. We have informed Apple about this and we are working hard to remove this limitation.

Full compatibility with Mavericks

RagTime 6.5.2 is compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 aka Mavericks. We have tested all RagTime components intensively against the final Mavericks version. We can confirm, that RagTime 6.5.2 is working flawlessly with Mavericks. A successfull RagTime test range with over 30 components confirms this statement.


In case you find an incompatibility, please inform the support about it. We will have a closer look init to solve the issue as soon as possible.


Successfull upgrade to Mavericks and enjoy being productive with RagTime 6.5.2.

FileTime X Update for FileMaker 12

We have done it! The FileTime X Update is available now. The updated FileTime-X-Extension requires RagTime 6.5.2. The update can be downloaded free of charge from the Donwload area.

RagTime and Windows 8

RagTime is a real cross-plattorm application. We tested RagTime 6.5.2 with the final Windows 8 Pro Version and found no issues. It is a perfect match. While using the most recent OS versions on a Mac and Windows Computer RagTime stays the professional Business-Publishing Solution.

RagTime on Mountain Lion

RagTime works flawless on Mountain Lion. Continue working with RagTime 6.5.2 on Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) as you have done on Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard and Tiger.

RagTime on Mountain Lion

The mountain lion is coming. And RagTime is ready of it. Updated tests using the Apple Mac OS X 10.8 developer preview are looking fine. RagTime 6.5.2 show no issues with the announced Mac OS X 10.8.

Mac OS X Lion with RagTime 6.5.2

The latest RagTime 6.5.2 version is fully compatible on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion). As Lion has no PowerPC emulator anymore older RagTime Versions won't work on Lion.

RagTime 6.5 compatible with Windows 7

RagTime 6.5 can be installed and used on Windows 7 without any restrictions. Just make sure to quit the installer prior to starting the application.

Update for Snow Leopard

There is a RagTime 6.5 Update available for Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Due to immediate help from Apple our development team was able to fix the bug, that prevented opening RagTime files by double clicking, dragging the file onto the application icon or by AppleScript. RagTime 6.5, with all updates installed, works perfectly with the Mac OS X 10.6 operating system . Download the update installer free of charge.

RagTime 6.5 released

Since mid-April the final version of RagTime 6.5 is delivered worldwide. Final improvements in details like optimized overprinting and support for spot colors make the final version even more usable. RagTime 6.5 is the most stabile, fastest and most user-friendly RagTime ever!

Upgrade of RagTime 6 extensions

Upgrade of Johannes, Power Functions and MetaFormula for RagTime 6.5. Work even more efficient with RagTime 6. Printing leaflets, intelligent forms and additional automation features are the highlight.

RagTime 6.5 Preview 2 released

The stability of the second preview has been further improved, based on the feedback of many customers. New features include Spotlight full-text-search for Mac, and GhostScript 8.6.3 support for PDF export on Windows. Mac OS X AppleScript and Windows OLE support have been optimized.

New RagTime FileMaker extension FileTime X-UB

RagTime FileTime X-UB is the new Mac OS X Universal Binary extension to connect to FileMaker databases. Using FileMaker as RagTime's database now is faster and easier to use. Customers owning FileTime X for RagTime 6.0.2 may get FileTime X-UB free of charge with the purchase of a RagTime 6.5 upgrade.

RagTime 6.5 Preview

A preview of RagTime 6.5 is here. Being Universal Binary it is many times faster on actual Mac Intel Computer. The new OLE-Support offer complete remote control. Enhanced layout allow for text on individual shaped curves. Many new functions and further improvementsmake RagTime 6.5 ever more easy and efficient to use. Try the preview of RagTime 6.5 now. 




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