RagTime – Advantages of Professional Business Publishing

Short editing times

Users can collect and calculate figures, and present them in graphical form, write accompanying text, and place logos and images – all directly in RagTime. And, similar to a layout program, working in RagTime is WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”), so you always have control over the future printing result.


Effective working

All objects that make up a document, be it text, worksheets, images, charts as well as used stylesheets and colors are clearly listed in the “Inventory”. From there, they can be edited – wherever they may be placed in a document page. Each component of a document – stylesheets, colors, blocks of text, etc. – can easily be added, via drag & drop, from the corresponding inventory to a new document.


No detours

Find and replace, formatting commands, and spell checker work equally well in all components of the entire document, be it in a spreadsheet, in all text components, as well as in diagrams. RagTime is the only publishing software that features a spreadsheet functionality, which is suited for tablular composition, uses paragraph and character style sheets, reads Excel documents, and which has more than 300 functions that can be used for calculations, statistics and evaluations.


Cost savings thanks to professional print output

RagTime can print documents color separated, for small editions on office printers or in production printing. The optional booklet imposition extension allows you to realize multi-page brochures, within a short time, on local color printers and copiers. RagTime can also separate RGB colors which were, for example, obtained by imported Word documents or digital camera images. With the capability to export documents to EPS, HTML or Acrobat PDF, RagTime smoothly integrates into existing workflows. 


No hassle, less stress

RagTime creates “living” documents, which can be edited up to the last minute. RagTime is particularly suited for creating price lists, catalogs, business reports, evaluations, overviews, and sales material, in which – in the short term – figures must be visualized or images updated. RagTime allows preparing all business information to impressive high-level documents.


Examples for professional business publishing with RagTime (click on thumb to open larger view):

Kurze Bearbeitungszeiten 

 Druckansicht im Layout

Effektives Arbeiten

Rechtschreibprüfung global oder begrenzt 

Professionelle Druckausgabe 

Kurze Bearbeitungszeiten mit lebenden Dokumenten 




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