Extensions for RagTime 6.6

RagTime 6.6 extensions

These extensions are included in the RagTime 6.6 download package:

Last updated 10/08/2015


RagTime FileTime X

RagTime FileTime X is an extension for RagTime running under OS X. It links RagTime documents to FileMaker Pro databases. Please read our Tech Infos.


RagTime Connect Pro

RagTime Connect Pro links RagTime 6 documents to ODBC databases. This extension is available for Windows and OS X.


RagTime Johannes

Extended print features to generate stapled and folded booklets easily.


RagTime Power Functions

18 additional functions for the set-up of smart documents to be used for data exchange in mixed Mac and Windows environments.


RagTime MetaFormula

This extension handles formulas that are given as plain text.


RagTime CSV-Converter

Extension for the import and export of data from/to CSV files.


RagTime PalmDoc Converter

Extension for the import and export of text that is available in the PalmDoc format. This format is used by most Palm text readers.



Note for database developers:
RagTime documents containing an ODBC API can be used since RagTime 6.0. Using RagTime 6.6 or newer is recommended for the development of these kinds of documents.

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