Notes on the RagTime 7 beta version

This is the beta version of RagTime 7, which can be tested in advance. Basically, we advise you to backup your documents in advance and to work only with test copies of your RagTime documents. This ensures that you can always work productively with the original documents and the previous version RagTime 6.6.6.


Please read the “Read me.pdf” file carefully after opening the disk image (“RagTime_7.0.1(19xx).dmg”), because many things have changed during the installation.


Product status

Product Version License Comment/Status
RagTime 7.0.1 30 days test period
Tested, details are continuously being improved
Power Functions

Under test
Included, not tested
Connect Pro

Included, not tested, no ODBC installer, no MySQL driver included


For the new 64-bit versions of Power Functions, MetaFormula and Johannes no upgrade needs to be purchased. The existing license data (15-digit code) can be used.


Upgrades to RagTime 7 are available for purchase now. Purchased RagTime 7 licenses work with RagTime 7 for Mac as well as RagTime 6.6.x for Mac and Windows.


Feedback on errors with the beta version

In case of problems, please try to narrow down the error with a new document, so that optimally there is a step-by-step description of when/how/where the error occurs. This will allow us to respond to feedback more quickly.


Please send your error messages to: 


RagTime 7 (Beta builds) status

The software is completely included and has been extensively tested. There are minor issues which will continue to be improved. We plan to release several future beta versions.


The following areas do not work yet:


Q & A

Q: Is RagTime 7 compatible with Apple Silicon (M1)?
A: Yes, RagTime runs natively on Apple Silicon Macs.


Q: Is RagTime 7 compatible with macOS 13 Ventura?
A: Initial tests show that RagTime 7 also runs under macOS Ventura – both still beta, of course. It’s all very promising, we'll stay on it.


Q: When will the final version of RagTime 7 be published?
A: There is no fixed final publishing date yet, we are working on it.


Q: On which macOS will RagTime 7 run?
A: macOS 10.12 (Sierra), macOS 10.13 (High Sierra), macOS 10.14 (Mojave), macOS 10.15 (Catalina), macOS 113 (Big Sur), macOS 12 (Monterey)


Q: Can I reliably work with the beta?
A: The beta is for try-out purposes., After successfully testing, everyone must decide for themselves. Our recommendation is that in case of problems there should still be the possibility to work with RagTime 6.6 on the old systems.


Q: Are RagTime 7 documents compatible wirh RagTime 6.x?
A: Yes, all previous documents from previous RagTime versions can be opened. The RagTime 7 document format is compatible with RagTime 6.6.


Q: Why did it take so long to complete 64-bit support?
A: We have not only switched to 64-bit, but also adapted all Apple interfaces (APIs) to the latest interfaces. Basically the whole substructure has changed (menus, fonts, color management, windows, printing, dialogs, file access, AppleScript, copy/paste, drag & drop, M1 processor, CPU threads, …). This has taken many years of development time.


Q: Will it be compatible with the next Apple operating system update?
A: We assume that future operating systems will be compatible with RagTime 7. Extensive changes/conversions are not expected, everything is already included in RagTime 7.


Q: Can I switch only one workstation to RagTime 7?
A: Yes, mixed operation of RagTime 6.6 and 7 is possible. However, we recommend to purchase an upgrade for all existing RagTime 6 licenses to RagTime 7 – we offer a special introduction price, waiting will make it more expensive.


Q: Will RagTime 7 also be available for Windows?
A: Yes, there will also be a 64-bit beta application for Windows, this is in preparation. At present, the release for the Mac platform has priority.


Q: Will there be a “grace period” (free updates)?
No, there is a very attractive introductory offer for all customers of RagTime 6.6, as well as for customers of RagTime 6.0/6.5. Details can be found in the price list.


Q: What if the 30-day trial period has expired?
A: With the purchased RagTime 7 upgrade you can work without restrictions. For special tests/questions please contact our support.


Q: Is RagTime code-signed by Apple?
A: Yes, RagTime is signed and notarized, so the Mac also remembers the firewall settings. It may occur that some beta versions are signed but not notarized due to lack of time. The first beta is signed and notarized, and also the final version will be.


Q: Is RagTime 6.6 still supported?
A: Yes. RagTime 6.6 is the current version and is completely supported by Mac and Windows.


Q: Can I use a RagTime 7 license with RagTime 6.6?
A: Yes, RagTime 7 licenses can also be used with RagTime 6.6. This means, customers who purchase the RagTime 7 product or upgrade can now use this license with both RagTime 6.6 and RagTime 7.


Q: Has the operation of the software changed?
A: No. The operation hasn't changed and is completely identical to the previous version, so everything can be used as usual. 




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