New in RagTime 6.6

RagTime 6.6 comes with more than 200 enhancements/corrections over the previous version. Here is an excerpt of the changes:


Improved program stability

Numerous special cases, where RagTime did not function properly, as well as reproducible crashes that were reported by our customers, were fixed. Furthermore, several internal problems that did not lead directly to a crash were eliminated.


Enhanced image processing in RagTime

Incorporating new JPEG and PNG libraries has improved JPEG and PNG file support, as well as PDF file placement and output support. In general, safety-relevant optimizations were carried out which make RagTime immune to viruses in image formats.


Adaption to newer C++ standards

Internal technical modifications of RagTime.


French localization for advanced spreadsheet functions
The advanced spreadsheet functions are comprised of: conversion functions, complex number functions, other engineering functions, arithmetic functions, trigonometric functions, statistical functions, financial functions, and serial number functions.


Support for newer Acrobat Distiller versions for PDF creation
Sometimes the “Settings” folders were not found, sometimes it did not function at all. Now all known Distiller versions flawlessly work together with RagTime (tested up to Distiller DC).


Improved spreadsheet functions
Entering a year:

Two-digit year numbers are automatically complemented to four digits.



Thus entering 1.1.15 is turned to 1.1.2015, which allows quicker entering of year numbers. Hence, until the year 2049 no four-digit year numbers need to be entered.



Are calculated correctly. Function: ClAddWorkDaysUSA


Improved area selection:
When selecting a cell, the head column and head row are automatically highlighted which facilitates the identification of column and row of the current selection.


Corrections concerning the Excel Sylk import.


RagTime maximum document size doubled to 4 GByte
Allows large RagTime documents which include many image files.


Enhanced PostScript and PDF output of large print jobs (no 2 GB limit)
Even the largest documents which include many image files can be printed. The 2 GB limit has been omitted.


Enhanced RagTime 3 import

For Mac only

macOS 10.14 (“Mohave”) support


Enhanced print functions, and adaptions to OS X

After RagTime 6.6.3 introduced the new printing system for OS X, additional new options are available with RagTime 6.6.4:



New printing system in RagTime
RagTime has received a new printing system for Mac systems. It allows previewing single pages within the print dialog. For proofing purposes, a preview of the output can be scrolled page by page without the need to start the “Preview” app.


Quick Look extension for quick previews
This preview extension allows for quick previews of RagTime documents in the Mac Finder.


Revised RagTime open and save dialogs


Improved compatibility with Apple “Contacts”
RagTime functions properly, even if access to the contacts in the System Preferences is denied.


Improved Spotlight indexing for OS X
The RagTime Spotlight importer is now 64-bit compatible and supports all 64-bit OS X installations. Spotlight allows fast finding of RagTime document contents (full-text search).


High-resolution display (Apple “Retina”) support under OS X
RagTime supports high-resolution »Retina« displays, which have the advantage of crystal clear displaying of RagTime documents as well as the user interface. Extensive support of high-resolution displays will make working with RagTime on a Retina equipped Mac much more pleasant::



Enhanced AppleScript compatibility and stability
Automating RagTime 6.6 via the AppleScript editor works perfectly with all supported Mac OS.



For Windows only

Adjustments for full Windows 10 compatibility


Enhanced compatibility for current and future Windows versions

Conversion to “Microsoft Visual Studio C++” compilers.


Windows Explorer extension for thumbnail previews
This preview extension allows for quick previews of RagTime documents in Windows Explorer.


Program optimizations reduce RagTime memory requirements
Requires about 30% less memory compraed to the previous version.


Updated Windows Search indexing

The RagTime Windows Search importer is now 64-bit compatible and works with all 64-bit Windows installations. Windows Search allows for even faster content searches in RagTime documents (full-text search).


Improved document compatibility under Windows



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