New Features in Ragtime 6.5

More calculation power

Greatly enhanced calculations potential due to more than 150 new functions covering trigonometry, general, technical, and financial formulas as well as statistics. All functions can be applied in spreadsheets as well as in text sections. Additionally the import of Excel data has become even simpler, as all commonly used functions and formulas are recognized and transferred by default.


Improved layouting

Text can run along any kind of curves. But it still remains simple text, that can be edited and spell checked. It may have different fonts, styles or even languages.


Increased performance, better handling

Using state of the art development tools the code has been refurbished and optimized. The new version utilizes actual system resources more efficiently, offering an overall increased performance. Additionally errors have been fixed and the code has been improved in many details.

For Mac only

Much faster performance on Mac Intel computers

RagTime 6.5 is a Universal Binary, and hence runs as a native application many times faster on Mac Intel computers.

Using RagTime 6.5 is speedier in all aspects. In particular opening large, complex documents has become visually faster. Scrolling and browsing of long texts as well as updating living documents is much smoother now.


Optimized printing for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

The printing system has been recoded taking special Mac OS X 10.5 features into account. The new implementation now enhances the Mac OS X native printing system (Quartz) as well as RagTime's own PostScript generation and its PDF export capabilities.


Faster database publishing and mail merge

The RagTime extension FileTime X to connect to FileMaker data bases and the ODBC extension RagTime Connect Pro to combine common data bases with RagTime's layouting power are Universal Binary, too. The native Mac Intel support ensures additional performance while updating and extracting data base content. In addition RagTime Connect Pro now supports Mac OS X 10.5.


For Windows only

Additional benefits due to automation

The newly implemented OLE-Automation offers more than 1500 functions to automate many different RagTime tasks. Utilizing Visual Basic and other programming languages, the set-up, the modification, the printing, and the export of RagTIme documents can be remotely controlled.



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