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Mr. Bernhard Siegfried Laukamp (Head)

Buchholzweg 3

31535 Neustadt/Mardorf


Tel.: +49 50 36-92 47 90

Fax: +49 50 36-92 47 60




… because this application allows, in a comprehensive manner, word processing, layout, design, image processing as well as all other steps required in the creation process of a document up to the publication. Unlike other program suites, this software has no bugs nor does it show errors. The enormous range of supported formats, be it image, text, sound, tables, etc. and the drag & drop functionality allows productive working with this program. Keep it up!


Werner Vetter

Training & Beratung

Uglitscher Straße 7

65510 Idenstein


Tel.: +49 61 26/ 98 87 33


 … because you can't create proper layouts  in a quicker, simpler, and more appealing way.


Sabine Theisen-Schwede, STS Training Support

Karlrobert-Kreiten-Str. 14.

40724 Hilden


Tel.: +49 21 03/ 33 47 87


… because RagTime can do any style formatting you want. Rotate text in a spreadsheet or in a text container? No problem in RagTime – it just works.

One graphics can be repurposed and therefore needs to be hold up to date easily.

I can quickly personalize my documents for another customer.

Formulas have the same functionality as in Microsoft Excel but are available in both text environments and spreadsheets. Pure bliss.

With RagTime it's no big deal to distort text (e.g. in a wave-shaped “envelop”), while it would take me hours in other applications, to get it perfect.


Bernhard Storch

Kleinsachsenheimer Str. 45

74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen



… because RagTime's unique technology of connecting text, drawings, spreadsheets and graphs with each other allows the production of tools that is otherwise found only when using programming languages. While the generation of an appealing layout design for input and output media by use of programming languages requires a high effort, it's a breeze with RagTime. Customers often experience the RagTime EDUtools of medienwerkstatt-LEHRERoffice that I created as standalone programs. Some of these RagTime documents allow saving several hours worked annually.

Roland Gross
Stuttgarter Str. 65    
70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen



… because writing school reports has been facilitated. If I have to add e.g. new classes I need not wait on a commercial update anymore but can modify my RagTime developed report form on my own – quick and straightforward.






RagTime.de Development GmbH

Am Kahlen Berg 19
30826 Garbsen


Tel.: +49 5131 70 93 6-0


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