Apple ODBC Administrator for RagTime Connect Pro

Starting with OS X 10.7 (“Lion”) Apple no longer includes the “ODBC Administrator” utility program with the OS. This program allowed users to conveniently configure ODBC data sources in a GUI.


However, all components that the RagTime extension “Connect Pro” requires for a successful database connection are already installed by the Connect Pro installation program, so that a database connection also works with newer OS X versions, without the need for additional utilities.


The configuration files:


RagTime merges both configurations, hence the user sees both the system-wide and the user specific data sources.


For OS X 10.7 users and newer (tested up to OS X 10.12) we provide an ODBC Administrator version, which allows the configuration of ODBC data sources by use of a GUI:


Unpack the zip file.


After downloading the zip file and starting the installer program, and depending on the Mac OS settings and the OS, a message may be issued that this software originates from an unidentified developer and hence cannot be installed for security reasons.

However, the installation can be done despite security limitations if you right-click on the program symbol (or click while pressing the Ctrl key), select “Open” from the contextual menu, and confirm the following security warning.


The application (“ODBC”) can then be started right away, without the need for a prior installation. We recommend that you copy the application to your system's “Applications” folder, and use it from there.


After extracting the Zip archive and starting the program under the latest macOS 10.12/10.13, the following message is displayed:



Open the Terminal program and issue these commands:


xattr -d


The “quarantine” attribute which has been added during the download will be erased. Thereafter, the Zip archive can be extracted again, and the program works properly.





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