Adding bleed margins before printing



Premedia services often demand that documents for printing include a so-called bleed margin, which extends beyond the finished document size (trim margin) to allow printing of artwork or background colors to the edge of the document. RagTime does not support directly entering bleed margins. However, it is possible to define a special page format, in which the bleed margins are already included in the paper size.


Such a bleed margin can easily be added in a few steps – preferably before you add content to the document:

The added 3 mm (top, bottom, right and left respectively) make up the bleed margins. Elements that will be printed to the edge of the finished document should be extended into this bleed area.


If your document is already filled with content rather than being empty, an additional step becomes necessary:


Defined help lines within the document must also be shifted by the size of the bleed margin. Magnetic grids can cause difficulties. When in doubt, switch off magnetic grids (in the “Windows > Rulers and Grid” menu).


After applying all those changes, the document has been increased by the size of the bleed margins (the specifications of the original page size are indicated in the figure below):


In the case of a DIN A4 document, as shown in the figure above, the page size has increased to 216 mm x 303 mm (210 mm x 297 mm plus 3+3 mm in heigth and width) and can be output via “File > Export PDF…”, with possible additional print options, and sent to the premedia house.


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