RagTime network communication



RagTime uses network communication within the local network and between different RagTime users to coordinate the maximum concurrent users according to the RagTime license. This information includes serial number information, operating system version and username to inform the new RagTime users in case it runs out of available licenses.


A multi-user license (a RagTime license containing two and more users) can be installed on all computers of an organization and can be used concurrently, up to the maximum number of users licensed for RagTime.


The latest RagTime version overcomes a problem when WiFi and Ethernet are connected in parallel on a RagTime workstation, which may have resulted in wrong user counting. RagTime will also detect when a user blocks RagTime network communications in the firewall, in this case RagTime cannot be used while the network is available but RagTime is being blocked.


The latest RagTime versions will send this information for statistical information to the RagTime.de server located at the RagTime business location. This statistical information can be used to analyze the different operating systems in use and allows RagTime statistical analysis of ultization of RagTime licenses.


This information only (and not more) is sent over the network. The information is not encrypted because it does not include confidential data nor any document names, content or other information.


RagTime has a position of trust with its customers, and the customer is liable to ensure that RagTime is being used according to the license terms.


The RagTime support is available to answer customer questions regarding this in more detail.


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