RagTime (OS X): White areas after entering data



We have received several inquiries regarding data in RagTime suddenly not being displayed anymore and areas on the page turning white when entering text or being in a spreadsheet.


Here we describe a solution that will solve the problem:


  1. Deactivate dictation function

    By deactivating the dictation function the problem can be solved.

    OS X 10.11:
    “System Preferences > Accessibility > Dictation”

    macOS 10.14:
    “System Preferences > Keyboard > Dictation”

  2. Validate fonts

    In other cases, the problem could be led back to faulty fonts or operating system caches.


  3. In “Applications” you will find the “Font Book”. You can use it to validate the installed fonts as follows:
    – In the open program, click on “All Fonts”.
    – Then click into the font list column and select all fonts.
    – Go to “File > Validate Fonts”.

    A new window will open, showing the progress and the result of the validation. To make the list better readable, you should select “Error” or “Warnings or Errors” rather than “All”.

    If any errors are listed here, they must be solved right away. Otherwise it could lead to serious problems, e.g. crashes.  Even “Minor problems” can lead to problems.

  4. Delete font cache

    Starting the Mac in the so-called “Safe Mode” will empty the font cache of the operating system (see details dazu at https://support.apple.com/gb-en/HT201262).

    After restarting the Mac in a “normal” way, the caches will be freshly created.

  5. Delete RagTime font cache

    Quit RagTime. In the Finder, select “Go” > “Go to Folder …” from the menu.

    In the following dialog field enter “~/Library/Preferences/RagTime/”.

    Delete the cache files from this folder, e.g.:

    – RagTime 6.6.app Font Cache.xml
    – RagTime 6.6.app_de_CH.cache
    – RagTime 6.6.app_de.cache
    – RagTime 6.6.app_en.cache
    – RagTime 6.6.app_fr.cache
    – RagTime 6.6.app_nl.cache

    Upon the next start of RagTime, the cache files will be newly created.

According to feedback we received, the problem could often be solved wit this procedure.


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