Multiple »Undos« in RagTime



Many programs allow multiple undos and redos of changes in documents. This functionality is also on the wish list of many RagTime users – including the RagTime team. Unfortunately, this functionality cannot be integrated in RagTime. It is not compatible with the current program concept. One change in a RagTime document can trigger many actions: a page is appended or torn off the stationary pad, formulas modify the document content, database accesses are triggered, etc. All these changes affect RagTime components in an overlapping way. However there is no realizable overlapping logic for undoing changes in RagTime. Also, intermediate storage in a temporary file is not feasible because RagTime documents can grow quite large, even though usually only a few changes would need to be stored (e.g. text within a frame) rather than the whole document. We are working on a concept to somehow tag single components with multiple undos (e.g. text). However, we cannot promise anything yet.


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