The new RagTime 6.6 – the best RagTime ever!

Hannover, Germany, October 8, 2015 – Development GmbH today released RagTime 6.6, the brand new generation of the unique professional business publishing software. RagTime combines powerful word processing, spreadsheets, page layout, and versatile graphs into a single layout application. The software is available for Mac OS and Windows and is fully compatible with OS X 10.11 “El Capitan” and Windows 10, as well as previous operating system versions. RagTime 6.6 received major performance and stability improvements making it rock-solid stable, which is most important in the daily usage by RagTime users.


Helmut Tschemernjak, CEO of Development, states: “We are proud to support newer operating system capabilities with technologies like Retina, Spotlight and Windows Search, as well as PDF creation with the latest Acrobat versions.”. He continues, “We ensured that all existing problems are resolved, making it speedier and easier to use. RagTime 6.6 represents the best RagTime ever!”.


Important improvements of RagTime 6.6 include:



RagTime 6.6 costs 729 Euro, upgrade from the previous version for 299 Euro (without sales tax). Multi-user versions and site licenses are available. A test drive of the software can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website: (go to »Downloads«). Customer shipments are expected starting October 21, 2015.


RagTime 6.6 – simply productive

The RagTime business publishing solution has enabled users to easily and professionally set up office and creative design documents. It incorporates sophisticated design technologies and is the perfect match of an office and a desktop publishing application: the software combines word processing, spreadsheet, diagrams, images, and graphics in a comfortable layout environment. RagTime is easy to use and covers all needs, from the “ad hoc” setup of simple forms to the database driven production of a multi-language technical catalog. RagTime supports Mac and Windows, full compatibility is guaranteed for mixed installations.


RagTime is a registered trademark of Development GmbH.




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