Office Examples: Database Connection

Let your RagTime documents incorporate data directly from databases: with the RagTime Connect Pro or FileTime X extensions.


RagTime Connect Pro creates the connection to ODBC databases (Open Database Connectivity). Especially under Windows this is a standard which is supported by almost all databases, from commercial products such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL to open source solutions like MySQL or PostgreSQL.


Create forms in which users merely need to enter the data to search for. The query is sent to the database and the delivered values, or pictures, appear in the document. This is an ideal solution for evaluations, product lists or just simple mailings.


FileTime X is a Mac OS specific solution for FileMaker Pro. Select the data for a letter, an evaluation or a mailing in FileMaker Pro and incorporate them in your RagTime document. In doing so you combine the comfortable benefits of FileMaker Pro's data management with RagTime's sophisticated print and design capabilities. FileTime X uses simple spreadsheet functions and it does not require any knowledge in scripting languages or database programming.


Under Mac OS, RagTime provides you functions that allow picking out data from the Mac “Address Book”, without any additional products required.


Evaluating and presenting with RagTime (Click on the thumb to open larger view):



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