Office Examples: Corporate Letterheads – No Compromises with the CI

No compromises with the CI 

RagTime lets you print your business letters, offer sheets, invoices, price lists as well as presentations, reports and data sheets in accordance with the corporate colors, fonts and logos on your existing business paper. To work in compliance with the internal CI guidelines, RagTime allows you to create stationery pads including style sheets, with predefined colors and character sets.


To ensure that each document complies with the CI, the existing business paper can be scanned from within RagTime and arranged as a non-printing item in the master layout in the document background.


The PDF export function allows you to create, in compliance with all given CI guidelines, digitally signed business documents for on-screen use as well as for printouts at the customer's or supplier's site, or at a remote site. 


Creating CI-compliant business equipment with RagTime (click on the thumb to open larger view):


CI-konforme Schrift vorgeben 

CI-konform Farben definieren 

Sicheres CI-konformes Arbeiten 

Normbrief für Bürokommunikation 




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