Office Examples: Professional Output for Printhouses and PDF Creation

One of the striking characteristics in RagTime is the custom page size support. Even the combination of portrait and landscape pages within the same document is feasible and without any problems.


When printing a document all used fonts and placed pictures are embedded in the generated PostScript in full resolution. Alternatively, RagTime can also export print data as a PDF document. For doing so, RagTime uses the Mac OS X system components on a Mac, while Ghostscript is used on a Windows PC. However, both platforms allow using Acrobat Distiller directly.


The integrated color management guarantees a secure and high-quality color and image conversion from RGB to CMYK. The automatic creation of cutmarks, the specification of custom screening angels as well as spot color output are supported. In this way, the output can be printed on any printing device, in highest quality and taking into account the printing related requirements. RagTime documents that are sent to a digital printer or offset printhouses as a PDF, can also be printed without any problems.


Professional output for printhouses and PDF creation (click to open a larger view):

Farbseparation einstellen

 Unterstützung für ICC-Profile

Spezialvorgaben für Druckereien

Spezialvorgaben für Druckereien 

Seiteneinstellungen beim PDF-Export 

Farbeinstellung für PDF-Export 


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