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RagTime allows you, in an easy and efficient way, to create any type of template (e.g. questionnaires, tax returns, invoices, etc.). Entry fields can be defined in freely positionable frames or tables. Single items such as components, drawings, spreadsheet cells, etc. of a form can be write-protected or defined non-printing (e.g. fillings). More than 400 functions are available for the creation of interactive forms.


The use of drawings, images, formulas, drop-down menus, and buttons allows extending the interactivity of forms for  screen use. Data that is already entered in a form can immediately and automatically be presented in different graphs. Once a form has been created, it can be saved as a stationery pad. Tearing off a form from a stationery pad creates a new document that includes the previously defined form content and the current date.


Be it a simple letter, an evaluation, a billing, parts lists or even the immediate presentation of entered data – RagTime allows you to use forms in an easy, quick and efficient way. You'll need just one application to create appealing forms for both monitor use and print out – no problem with RagTime.


Create and use forms with RagTime (click on the thumb to open larger view): 


Bankformulare ausfüllen 

Bankformulare ausfüllen 

Tagesblatt für Terminkalender erstellen 

Wochenblätter für Terminkalender 

Steuerformulare ausfüllen

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