RagTime 6.5.2 on Mountain Lion Developer Preview (10.8)

last updated: 21.06.2012


We tested the recently announced Apple Mac OS X 10.8 developer preview (WWDC version with latest updates) together with the currently shipping RagTime 6.5.2 version. It is fully compatibility with RagTime, we have not been able to find any incompatibilities..


The installation of RagTime 6.5.2 from CD works fine. Also, using documents and printing works perfectly under the new OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion developer preview.

At present the Mountain Lion pre-release is a developer preview and does not represent the final Mac OS X 10.8 product. We will continue testing with newer OS X developer seeds and expect to deliver a fully compatible RagTime version at the time frame when Mountain Lion (10.8) is shipping.


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