RagTime.de extends international sales – Infographix new distributor for France

St. Etienne, France/Dortmund, Germany, July 6th, 2009

RagTime.de Sales GmbH, responsible for worldwide sales of the business publishing software RagTime, today announces that Infographix has started as a new RagTime distributor in France. The newly founded company, in which RagTime.de Sales GmbH holds a small percentage of shares, brings together professionals with complementary expertise in software distribution, installation, training and support. High quality services for DTP professionals, technical expertise in a broad range of prepress applications, and many years of using and selling RagTime in professional environments, qualify Pascal Sanglard and his team as a promising sales partner for RagTime.de Sales GmbH.

“France is one of the most promising markets for RagTime in Europe”, according to Friedrich Eul, CEO of RagTime.de Sales GmbH. “Since the delivery of RagTime 6 in the French language we have increased the customer base by more than 20%. Now the broad feature set of RagTime 6.5 requires additional product experience, to address various fields of application. I am confident, that with Infographix we found the best partner for this task.” The prospects of the French office and DTP market, as well as long-standing contacts with some of the founding members of Infographix, convinced Friedrich Eul to invest in the company to get it off to a fast start.

“The French professional IT market will benefit from the additional communication, support and visibility, and discover that RagTime is the most productive and easy-to-use business publishing software”, stated Pascal Sanglard, the driving head behind the project. Stating the objective of the new company he continues, “It is our intention to give RagTime the right place in the French IT industry, as a real alternative between Office and DTP software. We will communicate the obvious and the hidden benefits of RagTime 6.5, to IT managers, distributors, and VARs working in Business-to-Business solutions. Additionally, we are going to participate in professional exhibitions, train our resellers, and providing pre-sales as well as post-sales support. All of our efforts are aimed at an ongoing communication with all RagTime users and prospects. We are proud to be a RagTime.de sales partner in France.”


About Infographix
Infographix is the ambitious project of a number of experienced people with long term expertise in different areas of DTP application, IT industry, and sales environments. The main goal is to establish RagTime as a real alternative between Office and DTP software in the French IT industry.


Pascal Sanglard, until today manager of an Apple reseller, has been working for nearly 20 years with professionals in DTP and technical environments. Doing RagTime installation and training for many years he has a sound knowledge and practical experience in RagTime software. Pascal Conseillon, the closest collaborator of Pascal Sanglard for more than 15 years, is a technical expert in DTP products such as HELIOS servers solutions, PDF workflow, and production management. Ludovic Predal, the manager of the company, is a previous CEO in the IT industry. Christophe Regnier, a commercial manager in the IT industry, contributes knowledge and experience in managing resellers in every region of France. And Abdelkrim Arroume, a long time trainer in DTP and expert in Adobe products, brings experience in development, especially Filemaker solutions.

More information about Infographix SARL is to be found at the company’s website http://www.infographix.fr.

RagTime 6 – simply productive

For more than ten years, the RagTime business publishing solution has enabled users to easily and professionally set up office and creative design documents. RagTime 6, introduced in 2006, made it even easier to use, while incorporating sophisticated design technologies like transparencies, PDF and HTML output.

RagTime is the perfect match of an office and a desktop publishing application: the software combines word processing, spreadsheet, diagrams, images, and graphics in a comfortable layout environment. RagTime is easy to use and covers all needs, from the "ad hoc“ set up of simple forms to the database driven production of a multi-language technical catalog. RagTime is offered in identical versions for Mac and Windows, and is licensed for a main and a secondary computer. Thus full compatibility is guaranteed for mixed Windows and Mac installations.

Learn more about the features and benefits of RagTime 6 on the RagTime website http://www.ragtime.de. RagTime is a registered trademark of RagTime.de Development GmbH.




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Infographix SARL
Press contact: Pascal Sanglard
Phone: +33 (0)4 77 200 481
Fax : +33 (0)4 77 42 30 11
E-mail : infos@infographix.fr
BP 52 , 42340 VEAUCHE





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