Tutorial: universal layout template using master layout

An item or price list for goods or services can be created quickly and easily using a pre-defined RagTime master layout.:


  1. Open a new RagTime document:

  2. Create a new “master layout” component from the inventory:

  3. Draw a frame in the master layout and select “Spreadsheet” from the pop-up menu in the toolbar:

  4. The master layout determines the desired appearance of future layout pages, i. e. their basic design (except for the content):
  5. Open layout page, right-click on the tab of the page and open the information dialog of the page. Then select the desired master layout for the layout page from the “Master Layout” pop-up menu:


    If there is no “Layout” component yet, or if a new “Layout” component is created, select the created master layout when creating it in dialog:

  6. The “Layout” component has now inherited the design of the master layout. Now you can start inserting contents:

  7. Export as PDF:

In the first part of the tutorial we will show you how to create item and price lists quickly and easily, even without using a master layout: Tutorial: quick and easy creation of an item list.



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