29 Jun 2016

macOS Sierra & RagTime
Recently Apple introduced the new macOS Sierra (aka OS X 10.12). RagTime 6.6 runs under Apple's upcoming OS without any problems. No further costs arise for RagTime 6.6 customers.

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macOS Sierra & RagTime
Two weeks ago, we attended the Apple Developers Conference WWDC in San Francisco. We were able to discuss our questions and suggestions with Apple, and the upcoming Apple Mac OS was convincing.
Of course we have tested the preliminary version of macOS Sierra extensively to make sure that RagTime works perfectly with macOS Sierra. There will not arise further costs for RagTime 6.6 customers. Older RagTime versions are not supported and need to be upgraded.

The tested macOS Sierra version is not yet final, and there will also follow free-of-charge RagTime 6.6 updates before the macOS Sierra release.

We will stay on the case.

New Tech Info – Choose fonts in RagTime documents
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RagTime 6.6 supports »El Capitan« and Windows 10
Supports all major Mac and Windows operating systems. All known issues were fixed. RagTime 6.6 offers new functions and modernizations and uses the latest developer tools, resulting in a faster and more stable RagTime version.

Upgrade to RagTime 6.6 and save!
If you purchase a RagTime 6.6 upgrade before 31 Jul 2016, you can receive a special intro price. Any previous RagTime version qualifies for the upgrade.

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