Notes on using a USB memory stick (macOS)


Update (09/14/2017):
As of RagTime 6.6.3, FAT-formatted USB drives are detected and not offered for working with RagTime on a Mac.





Using incorrectly formatted USB memory sticks, USB disk drives etc. can result in problems up to complete data loss.


Usually, a USB memory stick comes formatted for Windows (FAT or ExFAT) by default. This can be verified, e.g. in the Finder information for the respective volume:



Since RagTime uses operating system specific functions upon saving a file, problems can occur if files are worked on directly on the stick. Only drives that are formatted for macOS, i.e. “Mac OS Extended” or HFS+, securely and reliably support all file operations required by RagTime. Hence, only in this manner is file security guaranteed.


The “Disk Utility” program allows formatting a USB memory stick for use under macOS. A FAT-formatted stick would look like this:



To format a stick, select the drive and then click on the Erase button. Then, formatting can be done as follows:



This stick can now easily be used with RagTime.


A “Mac OS Extended” formatted USB memory stick can exclusively be used with a Mac. Under Windows it will not be recognized.


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