26 Nov 2020

News from RagTime

Current version supports Windows up to version 10 and macOS up to 10.14 (“Mojave”). Black Friday. Notes on “Catalina”, “Big Sur” and the new M1 Macs

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News about Apple’s M1 Macs

Apple’s M1 processor is a giant leap forwards, which makes Intel look small. With our Apple development system, which we received in advance, we could already see that Apple is getting close to Intel; with the M1 Apple is definitely passing Intel.

Even though the speed of the M1 chip is not several times faster than Intel's, the increase in speed is huge and will make Macs more attractive.

RagTime will include native support for M1 Macs fitted with ARM processors – we will keep you informed.

Status update: RagTime 64 bit version for “Catalina”, “Big Sur”, and Windows 10

We continue to work hard on 64-bit support for RagTime and expect completion by the end of Q1/2021.

RagTime users can be assured that the upcoming 64-bit version will be fully compatible and run flawlessly as usual. Until then, we recommend using the current RagTime version 6.6.6.

We fully understand that our users are urgently waiting for the 64-bit version. We do whatever is possible, thank you for your loyalty.

RagTime Black Friday offers from 27-30 November
We have a special offer for RagTime users who need a RagTime 6.6 user extension or have always wanted to use the extensions (Power Functions, MetaFormula and Johannes):
The RagTime 6.6 extension bundle includes:
The extensions, together with the manuals which provide detailed descriptions, are available on the RagTime installation media. The extended spreadsheet functions are especially popular with RagTime users who build intelligent forms. Johannes allows placing multiple page layouts on one print sheet automatically, and hence saving paper and processing steps (2-fold usage, 4-fold usage, left page/right page etc.).

The extensions are required per workstation and can also be ordered for several users, e.g. 3 workstations = 3 extensions.

Upgrading older versions to RagTime 6.6.6
Customers who are still using RagTime 6.0 or 6.5 are strongly recommended to upgrade to the current RagTime version 6.6.6. RagTime 6.6.6 ensures proper operation on all supported operating systems.

Some customers still want to wait until “Catalina/Big Sur” is supported. However, we recommend upgrading to RagTime 6.6 now and taking advantage of the benefits of RagTime 6.6 today. All RagTime 6.6 users will get a significantly reduced upgrade price to “Catalina/Big Sur”, so it is not worth waiting with old versions.

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Current RagTime builds
Minor improvements or corrections are made to the RagTime software on a regular basis; here are the current builds:
Mac: RagTime 6.6.6 (1907)
Windows: RagTime 6.6.6 (1907)

Tech Infos
The RagTime website contains current technical information about the use of RagTime.

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