23 February 2024

Hello RagTime 7

Updated RagTime 7 build 2040 available, improved PDF export, RagTime ODBC database connection

Dear RagTime user,

With great joy and without too much stress we have updated RagTime 7. We recommend installing RagTime 7.0.3 (2040) at the next opportunity. The change list is available in the download area of our website. There are no costs for our RagTime 7 users.

There is news about the SQL database connection of RagTime: with the extension module “RagTime Connect” for Mac, RagTime users can access SQL databases and use the data in RagTime documents.

Our developers are still working on the RagTime 7 version for Windows, which is also progressing well. By the way, the Windows version, like the Mac version, will include a high-quality integrated PDF export.

We wish you productive working with RagTime.

RagTime 7 can be downloaded here:
(please read the “Read Me.pdf” document on the installation media)

Your RagTime.de team

News about the RagTime PDF export

The direct RagTime PDF export via the “File > Export to PDF …” menu has been revised. Now various export settings can be selected: standard, screen-optimized, etc. These settings are identical between Mac and Windows in RagTime 7. Further details can be found in the “Job panel, PDF Export” section of the RagTime reference manual.

RagTime Connect Pro (ODBC database link)

As of RagTime 7 (Build 2040), the RagTime Connect extension is supported. RagTime Connect is a professional solution with direct access to ODBC databases. The extension is for professionals who want to use automated SQL database data in RagTime. The extension costs 1717.00 € for one workstation (VAT not included). The RagTime Connect upgrade is free of charge for RagTime 7.

The installation of RagTime Connect has changed fundamentally. Please read the documents “Read Me.pdf” and the RagTime Connect manual. In addition, please also read the document “About RagTime Connect Examples.pdf” in the RagTime Connect section of the help menu.

PS: When installing the new RagTime 7 build, please do not forget to copy the sample files, too.

We are pleased to announce that RagTime Connect is now also compatible with RagTime 7.

Order RagTime 7 full version or upgrade

Windows users please continue to use RagTime 6.6 until RagTime 7 is released for Windows.

The prices for additional workstations, a full version or the upgrade of an existing RagTime 6 license can be found in our price list:

We would be happy to take your order.

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