3 Jul 2020

macOS Catalina & Big Sur

RagTime developments for new macOS version and news from Apple

Dear RagTime user,

We hope that everyone is healthy and look forward to a post-Corona time. There are news from Apple – we continue to develop intensively on the support of the new macOS versions.

Your RagTime.de team

RagTime: Information on macOS Catalina
Summer has begun, the development of RagTime for Catalina is progressing and will last throughout the summer. The future RagTime version will fully support macOS Catalina.

We are aware that the latest Mac computers running Catalina cannot yet use RagTime (except via virtualization). We continue to work hard on Catalina support so that customers can use RagTime with all Macs.

Support and sales inquiries do not know any other topic. Of course, we are happy to receive customer inquiries and help them with all aspects of RagTime. We will automatically inform you on the progress as soon as we have completed the support for Catalina.

We and many of our users can hardly wait for completion.

Accidently installed macOS Catalina installiert – what to do?

Using RagTime with macOS Catalina in a virtual environment:

Apple WWDC update: Information on macOS Big Sur
Last week Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) took place. The future macOS version 11 Big Sur was presented. We have installed macOS Big Sur and are also developing for it. The future RagTime version will fully support Catalina and Big Sur.

The new RagTime version will run on a code base that supports current as well as future macOS, and of course Windows operating systems. With the availability of the final macOS Big Sur (macOS 11), RagTime will also be available for it.

We welcome future macOS versions.

Apple presents ARM processor for Macs – RagTime follows it
Further news from Apple: future Macs will run on an Apple ARM 64-bit processor. Apple calls this one Apple Silicon. This is very interesting and trend-setting, because the ARM processors are very powerful and energy saving. The Apple ARM 64-bit processors are already used in the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, where the quantities are 20 times larger than for Macs. All the know-how that Apple puts into their own ARM processors will also be transferred to the Macs in the future. We think this is good news.

We have received an "Apple Silicon Developer Transition Kit", which is currently an Apple Mac mini with ARM processor and the operating system Big Sur. First tests and developments look promising.

We are working on all Apple topics with RagTime and welcome the transition for Macs and are confident that RagTime will be fully supported for the new Apple Silicon Macs.

Upgrading older versions to RagTime 6.6.5
Customers who are still using RagTime 6.0 or 6.5 are strongly recommended to upgrade to the current RagTime version 6.6.5. RagTime 6.6.5 ensures proper operation on all supported operating systems.

Some customers still want to wait until Catalina is supported. However, we recommend upgrading to RagTime 6.6 now and taking advantage of the benefits of RagTime 6.6 today. All RagTime 6.6 users will get a significantly reduced upgrade price to Catalina, so it is not worth waiting with old versions.

PS: RagTime 6.6 customers who have not yet installed the current version can download the free update here:

Mac: RagTime 6.6.5 (1894) / Windows: RagTime 6.6.5 (1894)

You can find you current version number in the “About RagTime…” program window.

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