19 Jul 2019

RagTime statement for macOS Catalina

Future RagTime version with full support for macOS Catalina.

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RagTime statement for macOS Catalina
Good news for RagTime Mac users. An upcoming RagTime version will completely support macOS Catalina. Starting with the 6.6 versions, we have been adapting RagTime step by step to the macOS Cocoa 64-bit environment. We continue to work with priority on Catalina support for RagTime and expect to finish it next summer.

Apple has not yet released macOS Catalina. As soon as this will be the case, we recommend to wait with the macOS upgrade until the RagTime 64-bit version is available. Alternatively, RagTime can also be used in a virtual environment (VMware Fusion or Parallels).

The development of RagTime and the support of our customers is very important to us – our customers and we love RagTime! We are excited to see future versions of RagTime for macOS and Windows.

Which RagTime version do I need for macOS Mojave and Windows 10?
The current version (RagTime 6.6.5, build 1894) is required, older RagTime versions are not supported and do not work anymore.

I still have RagTime 6.5, should I upgrade?
RagTime 6.6 brings support for Windows 10, all macOS versions (including Mojave), Retina displays, Spotlight and Windows search, QuickLook, updated image formats, enhanced PDF support and much more. In total RagTime 6.6 received more than 500 enhancements. The upgrade is a must.

Does RagTime offer free support?
We offer free phone and e-mail support assuming the current RagTime version 6.6 is used.

Will a RagTime 64-bit upgrade be free?
No. Prices for future upgrades are not yet known. However, there will be a price scale in which current RagTime 6.6 users will pay significantly less than customers with older versions.

Are RagTime subscription versions available?
No. We do not offer subscription versions with regular fees. RagTime users can use their purchased license for as long as they like.

Upgrading older versions to RagTime 6.6.5
For the proper operation of RagTime, and for the support of current operating systems, we recommend that you upgrade to RagTime 6.6. All prior RagTime versions are qualified for the upgrade.

PS RagTime 6.6 customers who have not yet installed the current version can download the free update here:

Mac: RagTime 6.6.5 (1894) / Windows: RagTime 6.6.5 (1894)

You can find you current version number in the “About RagTime…” program window.

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