20 Sep 2017

New RagTime 6.6.3

Full macOS 10.13 (“High Sierra”) support – New RagTime printing system and many improvements – Free update for RagTime 6.6 users

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New RagTime 6.6.3 for Mac and Windows
RagTime 6.6.3 introduces full support for the new macOS 10.13 (“High Sierra”), and runs perfectly on it. It brings improvements for Mac and Windows users. The list of changes can be found in the “Read Me.pdf” file on the installation media.

The update to version 6.6.3 is free for RagTime 6.6 users. Owners of older RagTime versions can purchase an upgrade.

New printing system in RagTime 6.6.3
RagTime has received a new printing system for Mac systems. It allows previewing single pages within the print dialog. For proofing purposes, a preview of the output can be scrolled page by page without the need to start the “Preview” app. This applies to the direct output to standard printers via macOS. Find details in the “Read Me.pdf” file on the installation media.

Enabling booklet printing mode via Johannes is now done in the “File > Print Booklet…” menu.

Upgrading older versions to RagTime 6.6.3
For the proper operation of RagTime, and for the support of current operating systems, we recommend that you upgrade to RagTime 6.6. All prior RagTime versions are qualified for the upgrade.

PS RagTime 6.6 customers who have not yet installed the current version can download the free update here:

Mac: RagTime 6.6.3 (1881) / Windows: RagTime 6.6.3 (1881)

You can find you current version number in the “About RagTime…” program window.

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