20 Sep 2016

RagTime 6.6 supports FileMaker Pro 15

FileTime X brings FileMaker database fields into a page layout environment via drag & drop for easy use, perfect printing, and easy mail merge printing.

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FileTime X supports FileMaker Pro 15
FileTime X provides the interface between FileMaker Pro databases and the RagTime 6.6 professional business publishing application for easy use in forms, mail merges, and spreadsheets. The RagTime database connectivity extension FileTime X supports all major FileMaker versions including the versions 12, 13, 14 and 15.

RagTime 6.6 users can receive the upgrade to FileTime X free of charge, a new FileTime code is not required.

New Tech Info – Adding bleed margins before printing
Defining a so-called bleed margin allows printing of artwork or background colors to the edge of the document. To do this, a special page format needs to be defined in RagTime, in which the bleed margins are already included in the paper size. Read our latest Tech Info »

RagTime 6.6 supports »El Capitan« and Windows 10
Supports all major Mac and Windows operating systems. All known issues were fixed. RagTime 6.6 offers new functions and modernizations and uses the latest developer tools, resulting in a faster and more stable RagTime version.

Upgrade to RagTime 6.6 and save!
If you purchase a RagTime 6.6 upgrade until 30 Sep 2016, you can receive a special intro price. Any previous RagTime version qualifies for the upgrade.

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