9 Jun 2016

RagTime at Apple in S. F.

Next week, our developers will be trained at the Apple WWDC in San Francisco. New Tech Info – Manage complex formulas in RagTime

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RagTime at Apple in San Francisco
This year's Apple World-Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) is approaching, and the RagTime developers will be part of it again. There, we'll work on ensuring that RagTime will be compatible with future Mac operating systems. We are also excited to learn which new technologies will be presented that might also be of interest to RagTime users.

We will stay on the ball and keep you up-to-date.

New Tech Info – Manage complex formulas in RagTime
How can one create and efficiently test complex formulas in RagTime, without losing track? A simple solution would be to split one complex formula into smaller chunks. In doing so, the formula, which is now separated into several functional units, will be easier to understand. Another advantage comes into play when debugging it: at the end of each functional unit there will be an interim result.

RagTime 6.6 supports »El Capitan« and Windows 10
Supports all major Mac and Windows operating systems. All known issues were fixed. RagTime 6.6 offers new functions and modernizations and uses the latest developer tools, resulting in a faster and more stable RagTime version.

Upgrade to RagTime 6.6 and save!
If you purchase a RagTime 6.6 upgrade before 31 Jul 2016, you can receive a special intro price. Any previous RagTime version qualifies for the upgrade.

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